Anyone who’s been to a dentist’s clinic has likely had an x-ray taken. X-rays are a normal part of dental appointments, especially when visiting a new dentist or when facing a major dental issue.

While a visual exam can tell the dentist a lot about your teeth, only an x-ray can give them a true look under the surface. X-rays are used to spot cavities, impacted teeth, infections, etc.

Not all x-rays are the same, though. While the typical x-rays you have done at the dentist are sufficient in most cases, when it comes to larger dental issues, a Panorex x-ray may be required.

At the Brooklyn dentist office of Alex Onatsky DDS, we use the highly rated Gendex Panorex Unit for our Ranorex x-rays.

Gendex Panorex Unit

What is a Gendex Panorex Unit?

A panorex is a type of x-ray that provides a full overview of the jaw, teeth, and face. Specifically, it can show a full view of the upper and lower jaws, the teeth, the temporomandibular joints (TMJs), and the sinuses.

The panorex unit made by Gendex is a top-rated device. Gendex is considered a leader in the dental equipment field, and their technology is some of the most advanced on the market.

Why Would You Need a Panorex?

A dentist may request a panorex x-ray when a complete view of the mouth is necessary. This is very important, especially when a patient needs dental surgery.

Without a complete view of the mouth, your dentist could miss something crucial. For example, a panorex will be able to flag lesions, tumors, cysts, extra teeth, and other conditions.

If you want the best outcome when it comes to your teeth, make sure your dentist has the best equipment. At Dr. Onatsky’s office, we invest in the latest, high-tech equipment available, from our Gendex Panorex Unit to our Morita Apex Locator and much more.

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