The dental field is constantly being shaped and improved as more high-tech advanced equipment is developed. From swapping drills for lasers to 3D scanning the mouth, new technology allows dentists to identify better and treat issues. One newer technology that has dramatically improved diagnostics is 3D CT Scanning. At our office, we have invested in the Gendex 3D CT Scan Unit.

Gendex 3D CT Scan Unit

What is a Gendex 3D CT Scan Unit?

The Gendex 3D CT Scan Unit is an advanced x-ray machine that provides much more detail than a traditional x-ray. It does this by providing a full 3D image of your teeth, nerves, soft tissue, and bones.  Gendex is a leader in dental x-ray technology, and their 3D CT Scan Unit is considered highly safe. Their unit is designed to provide a detailed scan and do it with less radiation than a conventional CT scan.

What are the Benefits of a Gendex 3D CT Scan Unit?

With a Gendex 3D CT Scan Unit, the key advantage is the incredibly detailed view it provides. This is important, especially when you are considering more advanced dental work.

A Gendex 3D CT Scan will allow your dentist to see not only the teeth but also help them see and assess:

  • The quality and quantity of your jawbone
  • Location of sinus cavities
  • Location of nerves and blood vessels
  • And more

While an x-ray can be good enough for basic cavity checks and dental checkups, a 3D CT scan provides a much higher level of detail that can greatly impact the success of more advanced dental procedures. These include dental implants, wisdom teeth removal, and root canal therapy.

Gendex 3D CT Scanning at the Office of Dr. Alex Onatsky

Our Gendex 3D CT Scan Unit is just one of many pieces of advanced dental technology you will find at the office of Dr. Onatsky. To provide world-class care, we heavily focus on incorporating state-of-the-art technology and techniques whenever possible. If you are looking for a new dentist in New York, our caring and attentive staff are here to help. With 20+ years of experience, we look forward to welcoming you to the office.

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