Laser technology has greatly enhanced many medical fields. This includes dentistry. Any good, modern dentist clinic should be using laser technology at this point. It’s less invasive, less painful, provides better patient outcomes, and much more. A common laser used in dental offices is the Diode Laser.

Diode Laser Dentistry

What is a Diode Laser?

A diode laser uses the most simple laser technology to provide a powerful, compact laser point. Specifically, a diode laser uses a specialized semiconductor to produce a monochromatic light electrically. The laser itself produces near-infrared wavelength light that is usually invisible though some diode lasers also produce visible red light.

Diode lasers are only used on soft tissue. It can be used to cut tissue, cauterize a cut or nerve ending, and sterilize an area.

What are the Benefits of Diode Laser Dentistry?

You can do so much with a laser when it comes to dental treatments, and there are many benefits. First, it’s less scary or overwhelming for patients. Most diode lasers are small and compact. They look like a high-tech tool that sits in stark contrast to an old-fashioned scalpel blade. While working on the patient, lasers also help eliminate pain. Second, they can be used across the board, from treating lesions to reshaping the gum line. At the Brooklyn dentist clinic of Alex Onatsky DDS, we use laser technology to provide better results for our patients whether they have a cavity that needs treatment, want a cosmetic gum recontouring, or need any other treatment that traditionally required soft-tissue cutting. Finally, a diode laser can shorten treatment time, reduce the chance of infection, and cut healing time drastically. This is all thanks to the precision a laser provides. While a scalpel can cut just as well, with a laser, cuts are more precise, cuts are cauterized immediately, and there is reduced irritation or damage to healthy tissue. If you are ready to take your dental treatment into the 21st century, visit the Brooklyn dental office of Dr. Onatsky.

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