Root canal treatment is usually very successful in eliminating dental pain while preserving a tooth. With proper care and treatment, a root canal can last a lifetime. However, just as with any medical procedure, there is always a small chance of reinfection or damage. If a tooth you previously had a root canal on is bothering you again, you might be in need of root canal retreatment. With retreatment, it is even more important to choose an experienced, highly trained endodontist in order to ensure the best chance of saving the tooth.

Root Canal Retreatment

What is Root Canal Retreatment?

Root canal retreatment is the process of retreating a previous root canal tooth which has become reinfected or damaged again. It is often the best option for patients, especially if the underlying structure and outer surface of the tooth is still in good condition. While root canal retreatment can be costly, saving a tooth is often still the cheaper option. Extraction of a tooth is a temporary fix that will later require much more invasive and costly procedures to repair, such as dental implants or extensive bridgework.

The Process of Root Canal Retreatment

A root canal retreatment is similar to a standard root canal with a few extra steps. You can usually expect a retreatment to take 2 or more visits to your endodontist’s office. On the first visit, your endodontist will open the tooth and remove all the old root canal filling material. An antibacterial paste – calcium hydroxide – is then added to the inside of the tooth and left to target any bacteria and infection in the root canal. The tooth is closed up with a temporary filling and you are sent home. The second visit will start with the removal of the calcium hydroxide paste. The root canals are then thoroughly cleaned and shaped. Finally a new root canal filling is added. A temporary filling will be placed over the tooth and you will be advised on when to return to the office for the final permanent filling.

Root Canal Retreatment With Dr. Alex Onatsky

Dr. Alex Onatsky is a highly trained and experienced endodontist with over 20 years of practice. Dr. Onatsky offers a number of root canal treatments including – computer controlled root canal treatment, laser assisted root canal treatment, and of course root canal retreatment. With successful retreatment, Dr. Onatsky can help patients save their infected teeth and prevent future infection, pain, or damage. If you are in need of a root canal retreatment, we are here to help.

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