Dental health has a lot more to it than just teeth. Keeping your teeth healthy and strong is a combination of tooth care, gum health, and even jaw and bone health. Periodontal refers to all the related structures surrounding and supporting the teeth. Periodontists are specially trained dentists who work to support these structures and to keep them healthy. When you are facing a periodontal issue and need treatment, it is vital to seek out a qualified and trained periodontist.

Periodontal Treatment

What is Periodontal Treatment?

Periodontal treatment focuses on the gums and the underlying structure of the tooth. It is often used to refer in general to the treatment of gum disease or periodontal disease. In actuality though, periodontal treatment can cover a number of different procedures and treatments, both surgical and non-surgical.

Some of these periodontal treatments include:

  • Gum Graft Surgery
  • Laser Gum Treatment
  • Regenerative Procedures
  • Dental Crown Lengthening
  • Dental Implants
  • Pocket Reduction Procedures

Why Periodontal Treatment Is Important to Dental Health

No matter which periodontal treatment you are in need of, taking care of this part of your dental health is crucial. It doesn’t matter how strong or healthy your teeth are. If the underlying gums, tissues, or roots are in poor health, you are likely to lose a tooth, or worse, many. Periodontal treatment can help repair damaged tissue, heal infection, and overall improve gum health. With healthy gums, you’ll keep your teeth much longer. If you have red, swollen, or bleeding gums, treatment can help improve the issue. Your gums will likely feel less sore and your teeth more secure after treatment as well. Periodontal treatment can even help improve bad breath as gum disease and infection is often a cause.

Periodontal Treatment With Dr. Alex Onatsky

If you are experiencing the symptoms of gum disease or are seeking out periodontal treatment options, we are here to help. With extra training and experience, periodontal treatment in the offices of Dr. Alex Onatsky, is top rated. With 20+ years of experience, Dr. Onatsky focuses on providing patients the best care with the newest advances in dental technology and techniques.

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