Metal restorations are a thing of the past. Metal-free dentistry is the new safer way, which provides a more natural-looking appearance. Metal-free restorations contain no mercury or other metal elements that may be hazardous to your health. At New Century Dental we provide healthier alternative metal-free solutions using a variety of materials such as zirconia, lithium di-silicates, and ceramics.  Over the last decade, metal-free solutions have greatly advanced creating a larger variety of metal-free options.

Metal Free Dentistry

The Benefits of Metal-Free Dentistry

Natural Appearance

Metal-free ceramic solutions are light in color, making it simpler to correct the shade to match any tooth. They are highly attractive and look and feel like natural teeth.

Longer Lasting

All-ceramic solutions offer strength and durability. When compared with conventional porcelains, all-ceramic metal-free materials offer a longer lasting restoration, with durability and friction resistance.

Safer For The Patient

This a mercury-free and biocompatible solution. While mercury and other metals are toxic and can cause oxidative stress and nephrotoxicity, metal-free dentistry eliminates these risks, making it a significantly safer solution. In fact, metal-free solutions provide a 100% guarantee of safety directly to the patient.

Better For The Environment

According to the EPA, the release of mercury can cause brain damage and neurological problems. By offering metal-free options, New Century Dental is helping to reduce the use of mercury in labs, thereby helping the environment.

Safe For Pregnant Women

Research has shown repeatedly the potential for adverse health effects in pregnant women, fetuses, and children as a result of dental amalgam mercury fillings. With metal-free dentistry pregnant women can rest assured that their health is completely protected.

Metal-Free Ceramic Dental Implants

When you choose implants that are made of a ceramic material, you’re getting the same benefits of titanium implants without the metal. Your biocompatible ceramic implants will fuse with your jawbone tissue and provide a long-lasting tooth replacement system. With proper care and maintenance ceramic dental implants may last for decades or the rest of your life.

Composite Fillings

Composite metal-free fillings are made of resin. They are much more aesthetically pleasing than metal fillings because they are tooth colored. Composite fillings are also significantly safer and healthier. They are much tougher than metal fillings, resilient to temperature changes, and  more effective in repairing teeth. They contain an adhesive that helps maintain the integrity of the tooth structure, eliminating the need to remove tooth structure for their placement.

Zirconia Crowns

Zirconia crowns are another incredible advancement in metal-free dentistry. They are made of zirconium, making them strong and durable. They are attractive because they are naturally tooth colored, and they can imitate the natural characteristics of teeth, transmitting light like natural teeth. They also don’t require significant tooth structure removal for placement. Zirconia crowns have shown a 99 percent survival rate after five years, making them longer lasting than porcelain. They are modifiable and biocompatible, which means that they do not cause any reaction of the surrounding tissue, enabling the gingiva to shape around them as if they were natural teeth. Metal-free crowns are a combination of supreme quality and durability.

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