Fear of pain is one of the top-rated reasons people avoid the dentist. Certain procedures – like root canals – can be very painful without the right equipment or techniques. Fortunately, advances in technology have made it much easier for dentists to treat patients with minimal pain or discomfort. One of these newer devices is a computer-controlled local anesthesia injection system.

Computer Controlled Injection System

What is a Computer-Controlled Injection System?

The system – also called a computer-controlled local anesthesia delivery (CCLAD) system – is used to administer anesthesia before a range of dental treatments. The system delivers the local anesthetic more precisely with slow, controlled injections.

Before the computer-controlled system, a local anesthetic was manually injected by the dentist using a normal needle. This continues to be how many dentists administer anesthetic. The problem is that when manually injected, an anesthetic can cause pain, especially in inflamed tissue, due to fluid pressure.

What are the Benefits of a Computer-Controlled Anesthesia Injection System?

At the Brooklyn dentist office of Alex Onatsky DDS, we have switched to a computer-controlled system for a number of reasons.

First, with the computer-controlled injection system, we can better treat patients who have a strong fear of needles. With the system, needles are much less visible. In fact, to patients, the system often just looks like another piece of high-tech dental equipment.

Second, the injection system helps us lower pain for patients by avoiding the pressure of anesthetic fluid buildup. This is even more important during certain procedures, such as root canals.

Third, with the system, we are better able to target difficult-to-reach teeth. The system also allows the dental team to better manage and administer supplemental injections.

If you are looking for a dentist clinic with top-quality care and advanced technology like a computer-controlled injection system, check out the office of Dr. Onatsky.

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