Meet Dr. Alex Onatsky

Dr. Aleksander Onatsky is one of the most accomplished and professional specialist dentists in the country.  As one of the leading Cosmetic and Prosthetic Dentists who have carried out several thousands of Smile makeovers, including many cases that were turned down by other practitioners; he has achieved this fit using the latest convention of ceramic restoration, cosmetic bonding, and teeth whitening. He is diligent in his pursuit of providing the best dental health services to people by utilizing state-of-the-art technology and techniques.

Dr. A Onatsky has been in dental practice for over 20 years and has recently relocated his practice to a New State of the art Dental Facility of General and Cosmetic Dentistry. This facility uses the latest technology and techniques to maximize patients’ convenience, comfort, and satisfaction.


Your gorgeous smile depends on good oral health. With Dr. Onatsky’s attention and focus on preventive dentistry, identification, and treatment, you are in great hands! Dr. Onatsky’s New York office sets a new standard for dentistry that is painless, metal free, and highly effective. You will find all the specialized equipment and expert staff to make your next trip to the dentist simply wonderful. We offer complete exams, x-rays, cleanings, fillings, root canals, extractions, cosmetic dentistry, implants, dental bridges and crowns, and more. Dr. Onatsky will improve your health and give you the gift of a beautiful, bright smile.


Unhappy with your smile? Dr. Onatsky provides one of the best smile makeovers in New York! Here you can expect state-of-the-art cosmetic dentistry. We offer porcelain veneers and crowns, teeth whitening systems, bonding and recontouring, and more! We use only metal-free materials. Sometimes the smallest change to your smile can make a world of difference. Dr. Onatsky will review and discuss your needs and treatment options, ensuring you are fully equipped to make the best decision for your beautiful and healthy smile, and improved life.


Deep cavities, repeated dental procedures, cracked teeth, or trauma to the teeth sometimes can result in inflammation or infection in the pulp. Without sufficient treatment, this can lead to pain and abscess. Sometimes a previously treated tooth fails to heal properly or develops new problems. A root canal retreatment by a qualified endodontist often can save your tooth. Lasers can be used to remove the dental pulp and debris. Dr. Onatsky provides the best professional endodontic care, using the most advanced technologies and years of expertise.


Gum disease worsens over time and can lead to heart disease and diabetes. Dr. Onatsky is committed to preserving the health and appearance of your teeth through dental prophylaxis, laser gum treatment, and periodontal treatment all in the comfort of his beautiful office in New York. Dr. Onatsky utilizes the latest advances in periodontal and dental implant therapy. His laser treatment is highly successful in treating gum disease with minimal discomfort and amazing results.


Dental implants are an excellent, safe, and long-term solution when you lose a tooth due to periodontal disease, injury, or other reasons. Implants are the strongest in supporting replacement teeth and the best restoration option that preserves natural bone. For replacement teeth that feel, look, and function beautifully and naturally, Dr. Onatsky is your choice. For the best dental implants placement, bone grafting for dental implants, as well as complete restoration and repair of dental implants, make an appointment today. If you’re ready to transform or restore your smile, Dr. Onatsky is here to help.


Dr. Onatsky utilizes the latest advances in dentistry and technology to ensure you get the most effective treatment. The technology includes diode lasers for preventive care, which kill bacteria deep beneath the surface, specifically related to periodontal disease. Dr. Onatsky also utilizes waterlase laser dentistry, which combines water, air, and laser energy for virtually painless procedures with minimal or no anesthetic or drills. Our computer controlled injection system helps to ensure patient comfort and successful treatment outcomes. All this creates a pleasant and effective dental experience.


My family and I have been going to Dr.Onatskiy for years and every visit never disappoints! The office itself is very clean and modernized. The staff are extremely friendly and patient for any amount of questions. Recently had a filling done, Dr.Onatskiy and his assistant made it painless and super comfortable. Would highly recommend to all!!!

Steven M

Staff is very professional, polite and courteous. Office environment is clean, tidy and welcoming.  Doc and the hygienist are always prompt and very thorough with their work! Def recommend this Dr. Alex and his staffs services.

Raheel Malik

Excellent office and staff. The doctor has an great approach to patients, everything is of high quality. I made 2 crowns, the color is perfectly matched and all procedures are painless. 100% recommend


I’ve been seeing Dr. Onatskiy for about 20 years, this being his third office. Highly recommended. I travel from Hoboken for appointments.

Yuriy Rusko

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