When it comes to advances in medical treatments, lasers have revolutionized many medical fields. That is true for dental procedures as well. One of the places where lasers have made the most impact is in the treatment of root canals. Unlike exterior dental work, root canals target infection and damage to the soft tissue, roots, and nerves of the teeth. It is here that lasers provide a huge advantage. Lasers offer precision that is simply not possible with only conventional dental tools.  With laser assisted root canal treatment, root canals can be both less painful for the patient and more successful in the long term.

Laser Assisted Root Canal Treatment

What is Laser Assisted Root Canal Treatment?

How laser assisted root canals work is pretty simple. Laser technology is designed to target both soft and hard tissue with intense focused light. The laser can be used by your endodontist to open the surface of the tooth, target diseased tissue, and prepare the canal by cleaning, disinfecting, and shaping it. With the help of the laser, your dentist will be able to more fully remove infected dental tissue. This helps reduce the chance of a root canal retreatment being needed later. Using laser assisted technology, the canal can also be more easily prepared for the sealant.

What are the Benefits of a Laser Assisted Root Canal?

Laser assisted root canal treatment offers multiple benefits. From the patients end, laser assisted treatment can oftentimes be less painful and less overwhelming. This is thanks to the reduced reliance on drills. There have also been studies to show laser assisted root canals lead to less bleeding during the procedure. In addition, lasers offer greater precision than traditional root canal tools, helping to preserve more of the healthy tooth structure. Lasers have also been shown to provide an antibacterial effect which can reduce the chance of reinfection.

Laser Assisted Root Canal Treatment With Dr. Alex Onatsky

At the office of Dr. Alex Onatsky, we offer a number of advanced dental treatments, including laser assisted root canal treatment. With 20 years of experience, Dr. Onatsky is a highly rated endodontist in the New York area. In order to provide the best comfort, care, and outcomes to our patients, we now offer not only laser assisted treatments but also computer controlled technology and other advanced dental techniques.

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